November 23, 2004

Black Tip Grading

Well my black tip grading was a long time ago - September 11th (hard to forget the date) and three days after my daughter left for a five month student exchange in France. I'd have to say that "life" got in the way of my preparation for this grading (as it tends to do every now and then) and although I am now a black tip, I would have liked to have performed a lot better on the day.

I managed to execute all my patterns without any glaring errors, but I'm not sure that sinewave or grace of movement were great features of my performance. My self defence was not exactly a dynamic exhibition of realistic movements either, and would have been somewhat disheartening for Sabum Spiro since he has spent a lot of time working with us on self-defence moves and they are one of his strengths. I will need to work on these extensively before I grade for Black Belt (hopefully next July).

Board breaking was also a bit uninspired - although I did manage to do my reverse turning kick break first go and I completed sufficient breaks to pass - I would still prefer to execute all breaks confidently first time to demonstrate the power and accuracy of my techniques, given that I am a small, older female with limited flexibility and grace of movement ...

My free sparring has improved considerably (which is at least one step in the right direction :-)) but all in all, my performance on the grading day itself was below par for what I would like to think I'm capable of.

Anyhow, since September (and while my non-taekwon-do daughter is away) I have been training fairly hard, and I am even contemplating learning how to jump although that might end up proving to be a bit ambitious ... still it will be nice to go to a grading in December without the pressure of grading myself to watch the people I train with performing their stuff.

Posted by lzwise at 03:53 PM