September 20, 2003

Training session with Grand Master Leong

On Saturday we had a training session with Grand Master Leong Wei Ming. I didn't know what to expect especially as initially it was going to be only for Red and Black Belts. It ended up being for Yellow Belts and above, and instead of doing complex techniques that would test an old body like mine, we actually focussed on sinewave and did Saju Magki, Saju Jirugi and Chon Ji for three hours to the refrain of "Let's do it again ... "

Grand Master Leong is a very impressive person, softly spoken, gentle in what he says, but demonstrating amazing technique and crispness giving an aura of power which was somehow accompanied by an exquisite softness of movement.

I really enjoyed the training session although I have a feeling that it was a tad underwhelming for the kids who don't really care too much for the theory of sinewave and of the precise timing of movement of each body part ...

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