August 23, 2003

Rebreakable boards

The next grading will involve breaking boards. To this end a while ago, I ordered some rebreakable plastic boards so I can practice board breaking in the privacy of my own home, and I won't have to worry about cost per break (as I would with wooden boards). I've finally got John to make a board holder, and I'm now practising spasmodically, and finding that it is quite difficult.

We had another in-house tournament recently, and I entered the power-breaking just to focus a bit more on how to do it. I came third (out of three) but still managed to complete one break, and come close in the other two. The tournament was great in focussing us to learn our patterns ahead of the grading, and it is a really good opportunity for the women especially to try out their fighting skills in a safe but competitive environment. For most of us, it's the only time we are likely to be involved in "real" fights, so it's good to know how what our responses might be like if we ever have to fight on the street. Tim came second in the sparring again.

Really this site should be a blog. (editorial note: I did in Mar, 2004) Eventually I will make it into one. Really. Or at least turn the entries around the other way so it is reverse chronological ...

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