July 31, 2002

Joining up

The next visit involved us deciding whether to join up or not. The decision involved deciding to join the
International Taekwondo Federation, buying a uniform and arranging the payment for lessons with Ashburton
Recreation Centre - quite a substantial commitment. Tim and I made a pact that if we joined, we would
train on Wednesdays and Saturdays, practice at home and stick it out at least until Tim finishes primary
school. That would give us enough time to form our own personal commitments to taekwondo.

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July 29, 2002

Will we or won't we???

We took our second free lesson on a Monday night. It was definitely a younger class but there were
also a few adults, and the pace of the class was more suited to beginners like us.

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July 27, 2002

Starting Taekwondo

Tim and I started learning Taekwondo at the end of July. Tim saw the advertisement for classes at Ashburton,
so we tried a couple of lessons. The first lesson on a Saturday was pretty good - we were in street clothes,
clearly identifying us as beginners, and although the moves were challenging, there were no pushups. There
were young and older people and a fair mix of women, so it didn't seem too intimidating.

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