June 25, 2003

Working towards a green belt

This year, there have been 4 grading days scheduled and it didn't seem like very much time between grading 1 and grading 2. I had been very impatient to learn new patterns at the beginning, but suddenly found that although I knew the movements for Do San, I didn't really feel comfortable with executing them. I also have found that I am much more able to perform sequences of fundamental movements, but this makes me aware of how technically imperfect I am in my execution.

In the first six months I was just trying not to fall over, and was pleased if I ended up in the same stance as the front row rather than caring how the individual movement were executed. By the time we got to the June grading, John had joined us in learning taekwondo, and he graded for his yellow belt.

We all performed reasonably competently, and Leila and I were particularly pleased with our two-step sparring, which we had practised together very assiduously. We found it amusing that although we could remember particular sequences (with a bit of effort), we girls were not very good at working out defences for particular attacks or thinking up pur own sequences of attack. But we did okay

Posted by lzwise at June 25, 2003 08:34 PM