March 16, 2003

Green-tip Grading

The grading for green tip was much less stressful than the first grading since I pretty much knew what to expect. My patterns and 3 step sparring felt pretty good, although I still have quite a bit to master with my fundamental techniques. And sine wave ... well that's another thing. Tim graded for yellow belt, and knew his stuff very competently. He was late to the grading because he had a cricket final on the same day, so when he arrived, he had to perform all his stuff (pattern and 3 step sparring) by himself in front of everyone. He was very confident and crisp in his movements, and I was very proud of him. I'm not completely surprised to find though that the more I'm enjoying taekwondo, the less enthusiastic Tim is. I am taken with all the theory and philosophy and I'm also very happy with the all around physical fitness (flexibility and strength work) whereas Tim mostly likes to spar and to do skills. Then again, he knows his patterns and reads the theory too, so maybe it's just that he'd rather be playing on the computer than doing anything else.

Posted by lzwise at March 16, 2003 08:29 PM